Crappy Birds having fun in The Nest

About those Crappy Birds

Genesis Collection

The hatching of a community aiming to have fun, stick together, build and grow with each other in this rough space.

Crappy Birds : Genesis is an NFT collection made of 3,000 unique birds, randomly generated from over 170 attributes across 10 categories.

Hang out with the birds and stay up-to-date.
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Crappy Birds Online

Crappy Birds is a convivial and alluring online game, with a strong design emphasis on explorative platforming, social interactions and digital collectible ownership.

Funds from the Genesis Collection will be used to continue the game development and rewards holders.

Launch the Early Demo

Learn more about the game : Documentation, Litepaper

Genesis' Holders Benefits

Utility & Rewards

There's way more than a crappy profile picture. Your NFT is the gateway to the Crappy Birds universe.

Founding Feather Pass

Every holder is granted an exclusive access to every expansion of our world and gets an edge on our upcoming drops (access list, land sale, token, staking, airdrop … ?)

Help shape the game

Holders will be consulted to voice their opinions and make choices during the game development. You will be able to choose between different designs & names of game elements. You may also be consulted to give your opinion on strategic choices.

Backstage Access

Holders of our NFTs will have access to the production backstage. We will share with you our progress and the production process

Early Access

Get closer to the team and play the game in early-access during the development phases (tests, alpha, beta …)

In-Game Rewards

Receive exclusive cosmetics items, title to set you apart in game, and get your name in the game backer credits

Digital Goodies

Receive a digital Artbook of the game, a Wallpaper and the digital soundtrack

Crappy Birds Figurine

Receive a <Crappy Birds Physical Figurine - Limited Edition> for free by holding 3 NFTs

Special Rewards

We have special rewards in the pipeline for our biggest supporter: Design <something> for the game in collaboration with the team

Get a Crappy Bird

Birds of a feather, you know ...

Drunk Crappy Bird showing the mint form

Join The Nest

Enter the amount of birds you would like to mint.

Price per Crappy Bird

??? ETH Each

??? remaining

Limited to ??? per user


  • Crappy Birds Online - Demo

    Game demo release, accessible to everyone.

  • 0%

    Genesis NFT Drop

    Genesis NFT sale to kickstart the project

  • 25%

    Get the ball rolling

    Game development keeps going.

  • 50%


    Birds get airdropped to the community.

  • 75%

    Crappy Birds Figurine

    Holders will receive a physical Crappy Birds figurine.

  • ???



  • 100%

    Crappy Birds Online - Release

    Fun & Social MMO Game leveraging NFTs and play-and-earn mechanics.

  • Keep the ball rolling

    Game maintenance, Game updates, Exclusive Merch, Events and more to come ...

  • Note: Read the detailled roadmap here
A drunk Crappy Bird is presenting the roadmap